"Calling all critic -types!!!"

So much of this is based in a lame inability to just not pay attention to PR, but there you are. I think I've received multiple email messages this week from Lava Records (that's Warner Bros) publicity VP Lisbeth Casaday about the John Butler Trio, and I just broke. "Seriously folks - JBT are breathing new life into the catch phrase 'alternative'" didn't even dissuade me.

Tireless publicity = Good publicity? Like radio play?

"The unbelievably talented Australians...made their network debut on Letterman last Tuesday. And, we are #21 on the overall new Artist Chart."

And this modest measure of success may be because this band is good. But how would I know when I can't not respond to publicity.


Anonymous Wrongo Boyo said...

Dude, you sit there and complain about publicists and you can't even get the publicist's name spelled correctly. You're an assmunch.

9:34 PM  

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