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One that I've never heard before: a publicist was complaining to me the other day about how terrible a writer her boss is. She was telling me that her boss, who owns the label she works for, often "helps out" with the press releases, but is then unwilling to be edited. The exchange and final product, the publicist told me, proves to be both frustrating and embarrassing for her. I'll say that a boss who doesn't play by the rules is nothing new to me, and neither is the scenario of work being marred by controlling overseers (hear that editors!), but I found myself paying less attention to what she was actually telling me than to what I read as a relevant subtext.

(Let me digress for a moment here to remind readers that a healthy handful of publicists that I deal with in real life know--I suspect--very well that I am behind Promocopy. But for whatever reason, these people are uncompelled to discuss the matter with me, and the issue has gone (for the most part) unmentioned heretofore. The relationships are tricky because, although the publications I tend to write for can hardly be described as high profile, most of the labels/PR companies I deal with are fairly small and quite willing to take press wherever they can get it. So I'm guessing that most publicists consider me bitching about them on this site to be a sort of lesser of two evils--the greater evil, then, being me not giving these people press elsewhere. Of course, I've never threatened to withhold press from a label because the label's publicist complained about (mis)treatment on Promocopy, but I think the suggestion may be working for me nonetheless. I often wonder, though, what kind of inconspicuous communications I'm receiving within this dynamic.)

This particular publicist asked me if I thought her label's press releases were terrible (it was apparent that she, to some degree, felt this way). It had honestly never occurred to me that the copy was that bad, and I had never brought it up to her. But I couldn't help wondering if she was gently nudging me toward criticizing her boss. I've been wondering for some time when Promocopy would make the jump from receiving post material exclusively from other writers with an interest in criticizing promotions; I've been waiting to hear from actual publicists who have some specific, insider dirt to dish. I'm totally not averse to exploring the gossip potential of this platform.


Blogger Fuck You, Pay Me. said...

hay COREY -

i think yr blog is pretty humbag snoozefest 15-59, robot life form style. all you do is make fun of people who work really hard, only before and after scooping up the free records that yr making fun of them fer sending you. a continuum of elitist e-contradictions.

jus sayin. maybe you could actually git to work on yr writing which, at least from the impression that yr blog is making, you don't even do all that well.

i dont ever mean to be mean..i just don't get what yr looking to achieve here.

yr pal,
ginny k. boot

4:02 PM  
Blogger [promocopy Robot] said...

Totally sunk. I quit.

Maybe. I'm thinking about it.

Although the fact that this person thinks s/he knows my name suggests an agenda. I'm not saying I don't write badly, but just sayin(g).

(I'm going to go email this person in a minute to figure out what "continuum of elitist e-contradictions" is all about.)

"what [I'm] looking to achieve here" is perhaps not so much an issue, as, in specifics, I'm complaining about stuff that such a small percentage of the music buying public cares about. I am, however, encouraged by the fact that someone would be so annoyed as to post a comment on my blog.

OK, I have to go make peace with ginny k. boot.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the same Fuck You Pay Me of Gerard Cosloy annoyance fame? Are you like the blog police or something?

8:04 PM  
Blogger [promocopy Robot] said...

For what it's worth, I actually appreciated the Gerard Cosloy thing (http://fuckyoupayme.blogspot.com/2005/02/its-on-starring-gerard-cosloy-jessica.html), despite (or, because of, really) all its catty non-issue-ness.

But anyway, I've come to the realization that ginny k. boot is ribbing Promocopy in good fun, as it would make too much perfect sense for a publicist who gets no play on this blog to complain about it as a means of getting exposure.

And ginny: it's not as if the publication you link me to has any ethical qualm with running positive reviews of crap material. Just be kind. You can figure it out you sleazy flak.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous J-Zoro said...

I wish you would go back to writing about press releases. It was funny. the stuff you wrote was not all that aggressive or intense. Not that it was all e-z shots, or anything. People in the industry hating on you on the internerd does not usually extend and get impactful beyond that.

It's very meta to be blogging about the blogging you are not doing on your blog.

9:26 PM  

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