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While I'm not used to actually reading email from Mike Cubillos at Earshot Media, imagine my pleasant surprise when I opened a message from this guy yesterday and noticed that Gratitude is set to play multiple PETA-sponsored barbecues! Good for them! (And I mean that, as the writer of this blog is no longer either cynical or "meta.")

The sad part about it all is that although, "Gratitude will be taking part in Peta-sponsored BBQs around several of the [AP Vans Tour] shows...details on these will be announced soon." Hunt as I may, I can't come up with any definite PETA dates at present. Sorry. But here are dates on the AP Vans thing, bros.


Blogger jonah said...

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Blogger jonah said...

fucked, up, sorrry... here tis for real...

FYI, We haven't gotten final info about the PETA events, either. We've heard that they're slated for our shows in Seattle, LA, Phoenix, Austin and Hartford. As far as I know, we're not performing at the BBQs themselves, but they'll be either directly before or after our shows that day. I hope it happens, if only to have easily accessible healthy food on tour. In any case, it's not a hollow PR thing, just one more good idea that people actually have to organize, which is usually the point at which good ideas die. Still hoping for this one...


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