remember how they messed up this old fool

This is kind of old, and I don't have anything funny (or not) to say about it, but anyway: "Devendra Banhart is currently hard at work in upstate NY recording his first release for XL Recordings...with an eye towards release later this year," says Howard Wuelfing. "He is joined in the studio by Thom Monohan (Pernice Bros.) engineering and Andy Cabic (Vetiver) and Noah Georgeson abetting him as accompanying musicians/singers."

Getting excited? (I really don't think there are any satirical possibilities here. This is just news. I don't even know what Devendra Banhart sounds like, come to think of it. I couldn't care less.)

"He'll then join Andy and Vetiver as guitarist and second vocalist touring Europe in May and June," continues Wuelfing. "Plans are for Devendra to tour Europe on his own with backing band in June July and August, and the the U.S. in October."

That's it.


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