I'm a big fan of the "joke" that I've been unemployed ever since I decided to start trading exclusively in 1099s and tax fraud. I still get mileage out of this bit when walking the streets unshowered at 10:30 am, particularly when I see some 9-5 chump I know taking an early lunch break. But sometimes, admittedly, I feel way more unemployed than others.

Having been comatosely negligent in posting over here, I thought about the explanation that I'd been off vacationing in the Bahamas or finishing my epic poem (once you start writing under anonymity, the lies flow like cheap copy). But the lame truth of it all is that I've just been looking for work. I made an uneasy pact with myself that I was going to get focused and make something happen professionally before I spent any more time mocking underpaid publicists about overzealous thesaurus use.

Of course, that didn't really work either, as I'm still pretty unemployed, sinking deeper into laziness, even as I file here/file there for as little as $.10 per word. (OK, I do it for free, too. Big deal.) And then this blog. I have to say that once I let this thing go for a week, a month, the promotional copy coming through the mailbox started seeming less and less stupid.

Even as Peter Bottomley calls The Holy Ghost's Welcome to Ignore Us "a staggering LP flaunting nearly a dozen potential hit songs."

Even as somebody at Noreaster Media refers to some band that apparently recalls the "burning modern rock sound of Jimmy Eat World."

Evan as the mysterious Marie V. says that, "Alan Astor has taken everything that we have come to love from classic records of the past 50 years and added a voice and sound that are all his own."

Even as somebody or other suggests that, "It's no secret that certain blueprints registered in 1982 in the UK have been used by a flotilla of bands recently...[Out Hud and its new album Let Us Never Speak of it Again] will outlast the trends, just as they proceeded them."

Even as Trevor Seamon asks, "What is it that makes a man these days?" And answers: "Lately it seems that the answer to that question consists of silly Hip-Hop feuds, tricked-out Hummers and clearing the brush off of West Texas ranches...In Fog's world, maturity is the result of sonic adventure and reinventing the popular song."

There you have it. It wasn't like there was a shitload of, like, so terrible promotional copy to go along with the shitload of albums that came in over the last several weeks. (Actually, there was some pretty ripe material, but it's still on the DL.)

Anyway, I'm back from vacation, but still short on work. So, if anyone can figure out how to get me paid without revealing my identity, I'm all ears.


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