not an exact science (ft. Daedelus)

I love the new Daedelus record (not pictured at right). Exquisite Corpse. Mush Records. (Or hear Daedelus now on the Busdriver album) (*). I like the calculated ambivalence to hip-hop. "Musically Made Mishaps" never sounded better.

And while I'm at it, at least three tracks on that new Four Tet album are fucking awesome! That's all I'm saying.

(*) Ok, I'm saying a little bit more, but about something different, which, like much that's been posted here this week, may or may not make sense depending on how far inside my head you are. Fucking Pitchfork that I love to hate to love amazes and impresses me by running a piece on Busdriver yesterday (while I was down and out). I was complaining just yesterday about the general lack of respect for this guy, and then the internet came back on. Something about how dude's getting too little press , although I still know fuck all about Swishahouse. Backpackers out, hipsters in. I'm not sure how I feel about that one, but whatever.


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