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Billy Idol apparently has a new album coming out tomorrow on Sanctuary. Ellen Zoe Golden of JLM PR skippers this sinking ship, informing me that Idol is doing a Tower in-store appearance on Friday ( 6 pm-7:30 pm) in Hollywood, CA, followed by a show at the Roxy, down the street, at 9 pm.

What's particularly pathetic about all this is that Hollywood is the smallest Tower I've ever been in, and the Roxy, which holds well under 500 people, is hardly a triumphant return to form. Undaunted, Sanctuary managed to get Rolling Stone to run a review of the record, at least on the web site (I don't know if it's in the print edition, but I'm not going to pick that shit up to find out). Here are the good bits:

"Did somebody say, 'new billy Idol album'? Thanks, God!" That's a hot lead! Read it as sarcasm and it works so much better.

Buncha other crap about what Idol has been doing for the past decade, and then the clincher:

"...fortunately he's still Billy Idol, which means his primary concern is debauched sex with underage headbangers."

"Fortunately"? Isn't pedophilia being suggested here?

I was hanging on an impossible thread of hope that this publicist had misquoted the magazine, but no dice. That's what it says.

Rob Sheffield, folks. Fucking stellar.

Do you think what was intended was more like, "Fortunately, he's still Billy Idol, which means his primary concern is [educating today's youth about how to avoid the dangers of] debauched sex with [overaged] headbangers?" I suspect that's going to be the real lesson of this album.

Here's the offending track, which, for all its inane lyrical content and female-focused aggression, I don't really hear any clear references to statutory rape. So the Sheffield comment was unnecessary, a mere critical lagniappe. Wonderful. Really very responsible.


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