hack (not an exact science)

I bitch about these publicists, but here's the bind I'm in: Dude tells me over the phone from Miami this morning that his "concierge service" produces one-of-a-kind entertainment/event/vacation experiences and that one such memorable mold breaker involves some low level exec renting a yacht with a cadre of marginal adult film actors and then inviting his coincidentally-just-happens-to-be-in-the-same-port-vacationing (with his family--ugh) boss to join him for a ride, in response to which the boss soon thereafter promotes said exec to VP. Sound like the stuff of legend? (I don't think it matters.) My commission: to write 700 words on the dude who makes this kind of thing happen for a living, incorporating "colorful details and anecdotes," of which the story above is, I'm afraid, on the mark.

I know that none of this is really about promotional copy, but I think I'm dealing with similar themes.


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