and speaking of tax fraud:

(Did I mention that I'm repositioning this blog as a tedious journal re: my tedious life?)

Anyone ever been audited for taking the home office deduction? (Was that a free-floating, totally insignificant Wire reference?!)

I'm in this kind of dumb bind wherein my apartment is the only place I work from, but it's so incredibly small that there's no single area that is used exclusively for work. I pretty much eat dinner, take afternoon naps, play fetch with the dog, read The New Yorker, research, edit, and write from exactly the same place. Fuck ergonomics. I'm typing from the very same spot on my couch right now.

I get kind of itchy around tax time every year. Like I'm alone. Like I'm totally alone.

This guy once told me that he had been audited three times. "It's no big deal," he says. But he's doing a book on baby yoga. You think it's unrelated?


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