and speaking of me lounging in my office:

I, for one, am thrilled by the suggestion that somebody employed by The New Yorker doesn't know how to type.

btw, did ex go to LDN? I loved that solicitation-as-blogged internal dialogue the other day. It somehow made the guy that much more heroic, and I say that in all earnestness.

Soo, "getting" kind of voyeuristic out here.

(I'm thinking about getting back to work.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear fellow anonymous,
I have some insight on the home office deduction and also on mileage deduction if yr a driver. I got hells of experience avec all that.

also, do not be afraid to email me, I will not out you to the other publicists, even though Sue Marcus' assistant called me and is like "Hopper, who is Promocopy?! YOu must know!" and I totes dint. Anyhow --

hollerback. I will regale you with my tax insights.


3:38 PM  

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