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I know this self-referential shit has got to be getting a bit tiresome, but I couldn't help noticing that someone came to Promocopy the other day via a Google search for "actress and 'only 4'11'."

Think this person is a casting agent? Or What?

Of course that Google search was funneled to an older post here on the white midget, one that was undercooked and will probably prove to be just dumb. Much as I want to dismiss her, she kind of defies my will-to-aversion. Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage equivocated this morning about some simmering commentary on the young MC, which I'm looking forward to.

And, of course, he also waxes giddy on this week's main event. Dude, I'm in your corner.

Somebody in Toronto want to write me tomorrow and tell me how it went?


Blogger Sean said...

Still don't have a ticket/name on a list and I'm working my ass off trying to do so.

6:30 PM  
Blogger [promocopy Robot] said...

Don't fuck with Catchdubs, whatever you do. [snicker]

6:44 PM  

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