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I guess the real issue last night, when I was up too late running the mouth with that last post, was that Vice sent me the grime comp without any kind of promotional copy.

Under normal circumstances I'm grateful to be spared the bullshit, I listen to the record and just go for it. But, frankly, I know fuck all about grime. Isn't the point of this comp to bring grime it to an underexposed American audience? You'd think the label would have thought to offer some details beside a track listing. (Anyone more important than me who did get a one-sheet is encourages to send it over.)

Although anything I would have to say about the album, here or elsewhere, will undoubtedly be lost in the shadow of Pitchfork (or, of course, Stylus--but still, this thing comes out the second week of next month--where's the etiquette?). Because is hip-hop going to pay any real attention to this comp? Hell if I know.

I am curious to see what actually happens with this album.

(Either way, I think burying the white midget twelve tracks deep was a bad move. Am I right?)

(Am I right? Incidentally, I'm not trying to suggest any conflict of interest there. I wouldn't.)


Blogger Jay Smooth said...

The answer to your hip-hop question is no. (Though I do like the stuff myself)

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's been reviewed already because it's available as an import.

11:11 AM  

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