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Like a lot of people who listen almost exclusively to rock bands on small labels, my sense of how reasonable it is to listen to pop music has changed a lot over the last couple years. Much contemporary indie music crit is seriously addressing how, like, totally OK the Billboard singles chart is, but I'm still a little more interested in how outsider musicians are considering the pop realm.

Go on about Beyonce as much as you want, but the real draw of an artist, for me, is the fact that she's coming from the same place I am. Because I can't really relate to why public perception is of any real concern.

That said, I've always been struck by the idea (particularly in recent years) that indie music has a touch of fantasy in it, and that even the most independent of musicians is still in some ways that kid in her underwear in front of the mirror singing into a brush handle and playing popstar. No one last year spoke to me on that level so much as Khaela Maricich, who performs as The Blow: "Hock It"

And while there’s really no point in comparing Maricich’s voice to, say, Beyonce’s, I think playing pop is more and more of what independent music--even in a post-punk tradition--is about these days.


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