next thursday: interpol to sign breast live in nyc (omg)

Lucy Hurst over at Matador (aka Beggars) unwittingly informs me that Interpol will be signing shit on March 3rd at Tower on 4th and B'way from 7-8pm. That's right, one hour. Don't ever say they don't do it for the kids.

As is noted in the right column over there, Matador ignores me, and that's not rhetorical. But some (I'm guessing) mischievous soul whose writing I just happen to respect a lot (note my Pavlovian response to the following suggestion) sent me an Interpol press release earlier today with the (again, I'm guessing mischievous) proposal that I "blow up this spot now." Which is funny because there are probably eight dozen Interpol fansites with more readers than this blog, and my ability to blow anything up (aside from my ego that time Hopper gave me the nod) is questionable.

And, it's been on the website for a minute.

Journalistic integrity and all that--I can't really say whether or not this press release sent to me by a third party is valid. Just wanted to get that out there. Although it looks pretty accurate, given my nagging willingness to believe promotional copy about music is only contextually about music.

According to the press release, "Interpol signings are usually [stupid] events." (I think that's what she was trying to say. Quoter's license. Like I said, I can't vouch for the authenticity of this thing.)

"Their fans can be somewhat obsessive," Hurst goes on. "Other similar events have witnessed lines around the block, screaming fans, crying girls, girls with 'marry me carlos' sprawled on their chests, fans chasing the band's car, and even the occasional breast signing. Should be a crazy day!" Indeed!

Now, I have never been near an Interpol live situation, so I have no idea, but I dare somebody to verify that it's only girls crying at these things. I'm skeptical. It's kind of hard for me to believe that dudes who look like Interpol are not attracting a significant male audience. I mean, if I'm a guy and I'm going to be attracted to another guy, he might look a little something like Carlos D. But that's just me. And I just don't buy the "screaming fans, crying girls" couplet; the gender qualification feels forced and plainly unbelievable.

"For more info [on the sexual identification of Interpol's audience] contact Lucy at Matador/Beggars"


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