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Huge thanks to I'm So Sinsurr and Pop Life for mentioning me earlier this week. (Oliver Wang kind of inspired me into this blog world, but more on that another time.) I'm a big fan of both of those blogs, so getting the nod is quite rewarding.

And if anyone is going to get to the bottom of that unsolved Galkin/Nickelodeon mystery, I think we know it's Catchdubs.

Also: The Fader throws a bone over here!

Bananas! says Aoki, who I briefly spoke to at that thing last night before he spotted somebody more important. Whatever. (I don't even think the dude writes his own promo copy, I'm so sure.) I later saw his sister (also Aoki) trying to get into the club after the main event. Small world, small guest list.

I didn't even know Fader had a blog.


Blogger Jojo and Mr. Lopez said...

The funny thing I can tell you about Aoki's promo copy is that Dim Mak routinely will take entire articles about the band, reformat them and run them as 'the bio' - uncredited -- the Libretto bio was an article about him from about 2 years ago that Julianne Shepherd wriote in the Portland mercury.

4:48 PM  
Blogger [promocopy Robot] said...

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5:35 PM  
Blogger [promocopy Robot] said...

In all fairness to Steve, who I've got nothing but love (and a couple of playful jabs) for, the Libretto bio on the Dim Mak website actually credits the article that Shepherd wrote. Although, I don't recall the one sheet that came with the record, which may have been a different story.

5:36 PM  
Blogger julianne said...

'tis true--the initial one-sheet that i got did not credit me. after a couple of emails, it did. i think it was an oversight. a bumbling oversight--like, do you really not know you have to credit peoples' work?--but an oversight nonetheless. the issue was resolved with little fanfare.

8:30 AM  

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