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"Popvert is not a band...it's a project"

Several different manifestations of being that asshole who sits around and mocks other people present themselves when I read the statement above, but I'm going to try to narrow it down.

First off, a musical project involving a bunch of musicians who don't want to be called a band had ought to have something to do with theater or therapy, or maybe specialized carpentry. It's just not a good premise for a group of people that make pop music. My problem with these sort of "beyond mere music" statements about music is that I just don't think there's anything wrong with music. It would be one thing if these people made sound art, but they do a straight-ahead OMD cover here.

And secondly, those aren't my quotes, but rather the quotation marks of the publicist (ie, "'Popvert is not a band...it's a project'"). As I was reading this press release, there was this bit I was crafting in my head about the ironic subversion of sentiment when my step-mother writes, with quotation marks, "'Happy Birthday'" on birthday cards. That somehow evolved into how, if I were going to make fun of myself for being totally pretentious about this blog that I thought was artistically important and beyond mere haphazard pontification, I would say something like, "Promocopy is not a blog...it's a project," and I'd put rabbit ears in the air with my hands to indicate quotation marks.

But then, I got to the bottom of the one-sheet and saw that the "not a band" statement is repeated, and I realized that the initial quote is not a subtitle, but rather a pull quote. I can't figure out if whoever wrote this is potentially crafty enough (although simultaneously, I hope, quite naive) to believe that this kind of editorial device is going to fly in a piece of promotional copy, or rather that this person just doesn't really recognized the difference between promotional and editorial. It's a toss-up.

I guess I could go on. There's loads about the people in the band--one called Pepvert (ie, Pepvert of Popvert) and another known as "Ninja Drummer," and a reference to this album as a "'great record'" (yes, again in quotation marks), but it doesn't really matter. While this is an exaggeratedly dumb music project (at least in conception, although I'm not saying the music is good) promoted with exaggeratedly dumb language, I can't say that the techniques utilized here are much different than what I read all day long from dozens of other one-sheets. Without strong pop stats, it sometimes seems like it's all the same approach:
1. This product is incomparably unique, just because (+ strange words)
2. These are names that you recognize and should associate with this product
The point being, again, that music promotion has less to do with furnishing critics with functional details (eg, musicians involved, previous work) than it does with lamely attempting to direct critical response. It's not that I'm naive to the fact that the music industry runs on this kind of fuel, but my convictions feel a little infringed upon when this sort of crap as offered as unique and independent art. Or whatever, the shit is just stupid and annoying.

"This is not a tantrum...it's a project"


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