the heat is on

Word of those rascally publicists murmuring about this blog has again surfaced, once more giving me the false impression that anyone is paying attention. The Promocopy Boosters this week reported mixed responses from publicists, who, all in all, seem to like the concept at play here. But only in theory--definitely not when it's aimed directly at them. How reasonable. (Watch some other lucky wordsmith's name vanish from the roster forever--because, Wait--not all publicity is good publicity!) Said boosters were wise enough to not actually forward any email to Promocopy this time around (lest I "blog that shit" ©). So no direct quotes. Sorry, readers. I guess you're just going to have to take my word and trust my character.

There. Now that I have my smug statement of denial out of the way, and while on the topic of character: I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that the jig is up for Promocopy as it was originally envisioned. I'm just not clever, thorough or possessed with ample free time enough to cover all my bases, and inquisitive minds are on to my identity. While I've been receiving accusatory email from the beginning, this last week has shown a sharp increase in messages from folks who are keen to who's behind this thing. And a few of them appear to be particularly pleased with themselves. Well done, lads!

Stay tuned for breaking coverage of my haphazard management of multiple personality disorder, pathological lying, obsessive/compulsive behavior, and, like, my career.


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