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(Sean Booth, Member of the Biological Stakeholders Group of Placer County, CA)
Bryn Bridenthal wrote to tell me about the company that's doing pre-sale tickets for Green Day's forthcoming tour ("open to all Green Day fans"): "Cinder Block Inc. is a leading independent merchandising and licensing company...with an emphasis on quality, integrity, customer service and product innovation – principles forged from its punk rock roots." (I'm getting that once you're Green Day in 2005, who sells the tickets is more interesting than who makes the music?) Better Cinder Block than this monster, for sure. Although I'm a little uncomfortable associating "punk rock roots" with "corporate clients including Pixar, Sega, several sports teams (Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's) and more." Local is good. Whatever.

But then: Sam Hunt, who runs Velocirecords wrote to tell me that he accidentally downloaded some Canadian singer-songwriter's album thinking it was a project by one of the guys in Autechre. (Incidentally, the two musicians have the same name.)

You have to admire Hunt's nose for opportunity, as he's now putting the guy's record out. Yeah! That's how independent music works!


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