who says a flesh peddler can't write rock crit

This guy at Howlin' Wuelf Media, who weirdly almost never actually sends me music--just the one-sheets via email--has been on about someone called Jarboe for several weeks (months?). He just sent another press release that includes an interview with Jarboe that ran at SuicideGirls.com.

Is Suicide Girls a valid source of criticism at this point? I personally think they still have some third wave feminism issues to tackle before they take on art. But that's just me (white male). The interview starts out--seriously, first two sentences of the intro--with how beautiful Jarboe is. I was going to say something about the male gaze informing and hindering assessment of art created by women, but, again, we're talking about Suicide Girls here, so I'm not sure what the point would be.

Read it here (I guess, as I've still not heard Jarboe and can in no way recommend it) if you can stand not looking at all the skin (not to be prudish, but I'm merely under the impression that looking at naked women is what SuicideGirls.com is for).


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