time loves a hero

The Arcade Fire, which received 2004's honorable Record that Nobody Heard But Indie Journalists Went Curiously Apeshit Over On Year-End Lists award, will be appearing live on Los Angeles' KCRW on Monday, January 17. That would be, of course, on the much ballyhoed Morning Becomes Eclectic show, during which the band is set to play at 11:15am. (The show should be archived shortly thereafter for anyone online.)

Also from the desk of KCRW publicist Debbie Adler: Inara George, LA vocalist and daughter of Lowell George will be performing on the show the next day at the same time. Just thought my dad might want to know about that.


Blogger Yasir said...

Ahahahahahahaha. I thought the same thing with M83s last LP!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me. You must assume that I actually read. That being said, go make your bed and take out the trash. Da

12:40 PM  

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