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I'm told that former Ms. BIG Faith Evans' "time is now. You can see it in her newly toned physique." No kidding. Those are literally the first lines of the press release. I suspect that pic on the right wasn't taken at the gym, but that's beside the point.

Her forthcoming album The First Lady is supposedly "Faith Evans as you've never experienced her...Rich with womanly insight and wisdom..." What the fuck is "womanly insight"? Is that better or worse than real "insight"?

Aren't there any better ways to condescend to this person than to simply file her "womanly" qualities? I'll say it again: The public isn't stupid, it's these publicity machines creating an environment of stupid consumption (I'm talking concepts here as much as product). Art isn't about physique. Unless someone wants to make an analogy between pop music and porn. I'm all ears.

"Ten years into a career that has had its share of tribulations..." OK, that's what the pic is all about. I know it sounds like I'm making fun of her, but I'm really making fun of her publicist.

"I'm still here," Evans says. OK, I'm kind of making fun of her. She's on the Coach Carter soundtrack and the album comes out on some major label on March 29.


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