rick james, bitch!

So, after (merely annoyingly) making off with a stolen dime bag of DFA hand-claps and Richard X's hangover, Peter Hook, paranoid and sleepless, flees to Tokyo, where he happens upon a young Frank Black method acting the hazy memory of dubbing Tron into Japanese two weeks past deadline. Hook likes what he sees, and asks Black to audition for his next project--but only after retiring to the bathroom for a rail that's going to push off sleep just long enough to conceptualize what's about to happen...

As promised, here's a taste of the new Mu record, Out Of Breach (Manchester's Revenge), out February 21 on Output Recordings:

"We Love Guys Named Luke"

"Stop Bothering Michael Jackson"

You'll also want to check out the current issue of XLR8R, which features a cover story on the fab Mu herself.

As one of the above tracks is already readily available for purchase, and the other is nowhere near the best track on the record, I do suggest that you go out and buy Out Of Breach next month. I'm also kind of pulling for Gamall Awad, one of the good guys, who is promoting this record for Backspin.


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