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Wendy Weisberg, who I don't think I've ever heard from before, just wrote me and a bunch of other people about the Wonder Stuff's new record. Yes, that Wonder Stuff, the self-consciously problematic social commentary voice of '90s UK pop. The awesomely titled Escape From Rubbish Island is scheduled for a March 22 release on Reincarnate Music (formerly iMUSIC), distributed by BMG.

Troubled by the possibility that the album title's jab would be lost on dumb Americans, the sardonically irreverent Hunt quips hella unpatriotic: "I've been trying to get out of England for a couple of years now. I'd rather be a guest in someone else's country than feel like I bear any of the responsibilities of how our government treats Britain's population." Blimey! Why not make a pop record about it.

Looks like it's going to be Wonder Stuff originals Miles Hunt and Malc Treece, along with somebody else and somebody else. Press release has a rad quote from Hunt: "It's taken a line-up change...but when it comes to getting a record right, a band has gotta do what a band has gotta do." Sounds promising! Kind of an odd insight in explanation of 12 years with no new material, but there you are.

The album was released last fall in the UK, and I can't be bothered to look into how it did. I'm reminded [because I've totally been paying attention] by this press release that the Wonder Stuff got together three years ago "to perform live shows only, [but] the overwhelmingly positive response from fans..." blah blah blah.

US tour in April. Wicked!


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if you know anything more about this "tour" please tell me (bsomers@scatliff.mb.ca). I've been a fan since Eight Legged and have yet to see them since I live in the middle of Canada...I've decided, I will travel this time.


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