putting the dude back in dfa

Much as I want to keep this from being a gossip column for indie (by which, in this case, I sorta mean "indie") geeks...

It all started out last week when I noticed that someone had come to Promocopy via a Google search for "hey dude jonathan galkin." I recognized the name, as Jonathan Galkin is the DFA label manager who's kind of the behind-the-scenes guy, handles the paperwork, the press, all that.

Curiosity piqued, I checked out the Google search and found that someone named Jonathan Galkin had appeared on a television show called "Hey Dude " that ran on Nickelodeon between 1989 and 1991. I didn't bother writing the person I know as Jonathan Galkin about it, as, in my experience, it's hard enough getting in touch with him when you want to give his label real press, let alone making fun of him on your blog. But IMDB seems to think it's the same guy.

I don't know how well this translates to anyone outside my head, but I'm thoroughly humored that this guy who's been thickly involved in the arbitration of indie cool over the past few years has entertainment roots in a television show about kids lounging at a ranch. Although Galkin's presence on "Hey Dude" apparently started out slowly, by episode 32, "Superstition," his character's superstitious nature preventing him from trying out for a TV game show was the stuff that would drive a whole episode.

(Despite the fact that he didn't ultimately pan out to be a favorite of viewers.)

Uh, so: During the course of the show's lifespan, Galkin's character Jake would go on to "discover the identity of a mysterious peeping Tom who's been bothering the gang" in "Return of Ted," he would "investigate a case of thievery" in "Presumed Stupid," and in "The Legend of Jed," "the staff invents an imaginary worker to blame for [Jake's] mistakes" in order to keep him from being fired. Yeah yeah yeah!

Go here to hear a clip of what I'm assuming is the theme song. So rad. I can only dream of hearing this clilp on a future DFA release...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone came to my website a few weeks ago via a link posted at a 'Hey Dude' website. I thought this was amazing, too, and told a lot of people about it. To my disappointment 95% of the people who I tried to tell either didn't know who Jonathan Galkin was or had never heard of 'Hey Dude.'

3:25 PM  
Blogger IbcusThwaite said...

Speaking on behalf of 90% of the minds of college that have had their IQ cut in half due to the wonderful and classy programing of Nikelodian, "Hey Dude" is a quality program. Along with such shows as "Are you Afraid of the Dark" and "Pete and Pete," Nick created a monopoly on the five to fifteen group of television viewers . Maybee due to the programming of channels such as Nick this age groups is that is now refered to as worthless. I just wonder what ever happened to Donkey-Lips.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous ExplorerD said...

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