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So, I told you the one about how this blog writes itself, yeah? About a month ago I sent out the first in a series of Please read my blog/No one is paying any attention to me/I'm really sad about it messages, the first one being sent specifically to people I know who work in or have some sort of interest in the indie music industry. One of the recipients was this guy called George Chen who I went to school with and who did this incomparably rad print 'zine with his sister Yvonne in the '90s called ZUM. I guess they still sort of do it online, but he has a bunch of other stuff going on, including show promotion and ZUM Records.

I digress. After pouring out my heart for support and feedback, dude writes back with the following:

hey, can you list this?

zum is putting out a cd in the new year, it is a split between growing and
mark evan burden. mark evan burden does electro acoustics and piano, he
also performs as silentist and used to be in the get hustle (31g). growing
are drone masters and have releases on kranky and animal disguise.

hey, can you list this?

Big or small, associate or friend, getting ahead kind of trumps it all, right? And, of course, there's more:

oh yeah other stuff that i am doing at the smell...

Friday December 31st:
Ring in the New Year The Smell style...
D. Yellow Swans (Portland, OR)
Mika Miko
K.I.T. (members of XBXRX, Warbler and Li'l Pocket Knife from Oakland, CA)
Bobb Bruno (member of Polar Goldie Cats)

feb 11 2005
amps for christ
carla bozulich
7 year rabbit cycle
rose for bohdan

Sorry for posting this so late, George. I'm sure New Year's went swell.

Anyway, here's more on Mark Evan Burden (see byline for full effect) and The Smell.


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