power ballin'

As much as I hate to say it, I'm here to give respect to both Ashley Chafin, publicist at Capitol Records (EMI), and the capitalist machine she's playing the role of cog within. "Capitol Recording Artist Chingy Announces US Tour," reads the headline of this press release in front of me, and all copy that follows is as straightforward and factual. No hyperbole, no quotes from crooked critics, no begging for press, none of the bullshit that I'm here to complain about--just straight references to multiple top ten Billboard chart placements, half a dozen recent talk show appearances, (triple) platinum and gold (so far) selling albums, live appearances and duets with gigantic stars, an appearance on the soundtrack of a #1 movie at the box office last week, and a handful of shows next month opening for DJ Quik.

There's literally nothing in this press release for me to talk shit about.

I guess I could sit here and tell you this MC sucks, but does it really matter?


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