new enon, feb 2

I've personally never really been into the band, but I know how much you indie kids love this crap. Nice guy Chad Nelson at Touch and Go has this to say:
Enon has "Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence" out 2/22/05. This is a collection of hard to find singles (vinyl and web-only) that dates back to the initial incarnation of Enon back in 1998. Plus it comes with a fancy DVD that has some videos, live stuff, and band hijiinks. Enon continues to refine, reshape, and renew their sound, and this look back at the band's different eras more than defines that.
Ah, Chad Nelson. I feel so bad for how little press I get for this guy in response to the wealth (at least in numbers) of music he sends me, and I feel like I'm always slighting him. I absolutely love T & G's other publicist, Miranda Lange. She's a total straight shooter, I like her taste in music, she's fun, friendly, hooks up the shows (admittedly, so does Chad), wants to hang out when she's in town, all that. So whenever I call Touch and Go, I always want to talk with her. And I don't know how it works out, but those two publicists always, invariably, manage to to divide the the stuff that I love (TV on the Radio, !!!) and the stuff that I'm unmoved by (Pinback, Enon) between her and him, respectively. I feel like a heel, because Touch and Go is good people and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. But what are you going to do.


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