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Still fairly new on the scene, I've only had the good fortune to come into contact with (aka) the Unicorn's tear quite recently, and I only ventured so far as to link it this morning. Much to my delight, Jessica of said blog had a very nice thing or two to say about Promocopy this very afternoon. Thank you kindly!

(Relegated to the) Third Division status is a bit of a misnomer on that one, as tinyluckygenius only entered the ranks today. I foresee a bright future in which I just pay even more attention to that blog because I'm such an unabashed sucker for compliments.

In further world-revolves-around-this-blog news: I spoke to my lawyer today concerning that law firm checking me out the other day. He told me that I'm worth so incredibly little that there would be no incentive to go after me in any way.

(Full Disclosure: I am indeed so poor that I am in no position to retain a lawyer. This is just how my friends talk to me.)

He then dove into some analogy about the internet being some sort of wild west of free speech, all muffled against the throb of my aching pride. Or whatever. Point being that I shouldn't bother thinking twice about posting stuff like this:
Music from EMI

This e-mail including any attachments is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you have received it in error please advise the sender immediately by return email and then delete it from your system. The unauthorised use, distribution, copying or alteration of this email is strictly forbidden. If you need assistance please contact us on +44 20 7795 7000.


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