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Big thanks to Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage, a blog that continues to school my white ass daily, for mentioning promocopy.

Perhaps a bit of clarification is in order. While the fragmented disorganization of this young blog's first steps often feels like "a band of [half-wit] pubs. who've banded together" to form something resembling wit, it's actually just one individual at the helm of this thing. The promocopy Players in question are merely the (unwitting) actors in this play of trash talk. I like to think these folks are bringing it all upon themselves.

I'm actually a small-time magazine writer (I was going to say journalist, but after reading what Kris Ex has to say about that, I'm not so sure anymore--thanks for that one O-Dub), and I'm just trying to figure out a) how to keep from getting cut from those promocopy Players' lists once they figure out who's talking this shit (anonymity) and b) how to make this thing work for me (popularity).

Any advice is appreciated.


Blogger Sean said...

Wow, clever idea. I misunderstood. These people will hate you if you tell the truth. Maybe. Or they'll respect you. Either way, you aren't getting laid (in a literal or figurative sense).

10:44 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

This is on some Rosencrantz & Guildenstern shit. I'm not sure what to think but keep up that work. I like a guy who's ballsy enough to give publicists their shit back on a blogger platter. It's only a matter of time before Byron Crawford outs you and says you had an affair with Kanye (and GLC) though.

11:02 PM  
Blogger ganda said...

this is corporate america. you need a logo! hell, my blog needs a logo too! that 36 pt. verdana ain't gonna cut the mustard, buddy.

7:10 AM  
Blogger [promocopy Robot] said...

I guess Ganda feels comfortable going on about how ugly this blog is because she actually knows who I am (in that way that I can "know" people these days but have only ever communicated with them via email). Her wildcard is the fact that her blog is probably the single most motivating factor in me getting this one going, so I will forever defer to her wise advice.

OK, fine, I know this thing is ugly. (Curiously or not, the only other person who ever bothered to tell me how ugly promocopy is was the person who "introduced" me to Ganda.) I had early dreams of the look of this blog being very proletarian and DIY, and there's really nothing that suggests how easy this is more than copping a readymade template.

But I do understand that it lacks visual appeal, which I think may have something to do with about 90% of the (for this blog, at least) crazy traffic that Catchdubs sent through here yesterday (Sean saw it coming)sticking around for only long enough to realize that promocopy isn't fun to look at.

So, I'm sort of working on it.

10:06 AM  

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