late breaking slint news and more news about the 17th wonder of the world M.I.A.

Courtesy of your pals at [deleted], Slint has finally succumbed to the pressure of the West and booked an LA show for March 13 at the Avalon to go along with a third (3!) SF show at the Great American Music Hall (a far superior venue to Avalon, methinks), the first two of which are already sold out. Go Slint! Rock that DJ town!

One night at La Cartonnerie, in Reims, France, has also been scheduled for March 3, as well as a March 21 show in Philadelphia.

Speaking of Philadelphia, I just spent a week there over the new year. Nice place. I fruitlessly crawled the streets in search of native Diplo's Piracy Funds Terrorism project with M.I.A., but then I came home and found it here, courtesy of the wonderful Boom Selection. Please do download. Because it's that good.

And while you're at it, check out Sasha Frere Jones' New Yorker piece on mash-ups right here. I labor in the shadow of this writer's sense of what's what.


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