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Someone responded to that Fugazi post below, but they broke the golden rule of not mentioning my name so as to clue in these publicists that I'm making fun and who keep sending me free CDs. In full disclosure, here's what was said:
Anyway just to clarify something about Fugazi, they have ALWAYS allowed people to record their shows from the get go. As a matter of fact, once, at the Hollywood Palladium, security took my tape recorder and Joe Lally got it back for me. Then he told me that they tape all their shows and will make tapes for people. So I sent him some blank tapes, and $5 for postage. A few weeks later I got my tapes, and a dollar. It turns out postage was only like $4. (If you like, I'll make you a copy of this awesome show at the country club in Reseda. When Beat Happening opened up, and someone threw an ashtray at Calvin. Later, the dudes in Fugazi chastised the audience for being so lame.) I don't even think of Fugazi as having some kind of wall of character, but it seems to me that they got really huge, but managed to keep their D.I.Y. ethic.

So, I stand corrected. Fugazi have been allowing people to record live shows all along and is now selling recordings of live shows. I had been criticizing Fugazi for being less kind to its fans than the Grateful Dead had been to its own fans, but turns out Fugazi is the post-punk Grateful Dead after all. Thanks for the insight Steve Reeder!


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Bloody hell your blog is a gem, it shall be on my favourites list forthwith. Keep up the good work and a happy newish year.


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