ice age

Capping off a year that saw descriptions of "indie" rock's finest as (merely) "derivative" becoming totally passe (see Tannenbaum quote), even these new bands' names are turning into straight references:
Happy New Year! Just wanted to make sure you have the advance copy of They Walk In Line's new CD, "Medical Necessities." The album will be released Feburary 8 on Rock Ridge Music. Have you had a chance to check out the CD?
Oh yeah, I guess we already had Radio 4, so, we're on a roll here. (And yes I know it's "Walked In Line," but don't get smart, folks.)

I actually feel sympathy for the kind of publicist--like, say, Jennifer Levy Niederhoffer at Impress Media--who has to deal with this sort of thing (zzz). Willful ignorance of the need for music to be unique in order to be meaningfully lasting you might say, but, hey, that counts too.

But, uh, as to the actual music: I haven't heard this record yet, so stay tuned for me eating serious crow!


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