I'm thinking about changing the name of this blog to The [deleted] Newsletter as I'm in correspondence with those folks so regularly. But it's just because they have so much going on and so many people to promote it all. For the type of PR company I'm used to (by choice) dealing with, they are big, with a lot of resources. I keep waiting to hear that they are funded by a major, but their roster would (mostly) seem to indicate otherwise. But I'm honestly still pulling for the little gals/guys.

Anyway, on to the news: There's a dude at [deleted]! I got an email from him this morning, and his name is [deleted]. I had really become accustomed to the idea taking form in my head that [deleted] was this militantly femme organization that just wouldn't hire men, even if they do promote male artists. Oh well. Of course, I'm not opposed to the idea that [deleted] is just some sort of secretary being bossed around and given all the crap that no one else wants to deal with.

Crap or not, I've got Even More Slint News! Not real news, but I'm being considered for the chance to interview the band (or, more likely, one of them), which apparently isn't in dire need of press (must be those damned bloggers posting new live date announcements every five minutes). I can't imagine Pajo has so much going on that he can't speak with anyone, so I'm guess this is some kind of Brian McMahan power trip. Like I have any idea.

Here's the direct quote from [deleted]'s mouth: [deleted].

Yeah! Sorta sounds like something may happen, maybe, possibly.


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