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(I apologize to anyone who knows who this is and is tired of seeing the same damn picture all over the web, but) Can anyone British explain to me whether or not Lady Sovereign is the UK Vanilla Ice? While there seems to be some testimony out there to suggest otherwise, I have to wonder if she's being taken seriously.

First track I heard was "Random," which I picked up at Sticker Shock last month and actually like quite a lot. I then saw the video for "Little Bit of Shhh" at her website and, although I also liked that track, the visual was about all I could take. Suffice it to say that much laughter ensued. It's ultimately all kind of cute, really, because she's only 4'11", refers to herself as a midget and looks like she couldn't handle a food-fight in the cafeteria, much less a battle (lyrical or otherwise), but I'm not sure the kind of cuddly response she inspires is what she's looking for.


Blogger Yasir said...

Hahahaha. More like a pikey/chave version of Mike Skinner. Notice her love of Addidas tracksuits and nasty rings...she could be the long lost female member of the Goldie Lookin Chain.

11:36 AM  

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