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Whoever it was that said that irony is dead has yet to experience the theater of Silvertide. If you or your parents can even remotely recall what "bitchin" means, this band has something to say. So rad how these guys have undoubtedly--even while Silvertide was being conceptualized by a bunch of record execs at the height of the boy band phenomenon--always thought that NSYNC are "a bunch of fags." The boy band analogy posited, I somehow fear that the hard knockin' Silvertide nights of the plump fellow on the far right are numbered.

I reviewed this band's record in a local newspaper strictly because of sympathetic feelings toward their PR rep Bryn Bridenthal. The publicist writes me and essentially tells me that what you see is what you get. I find it pretty rare that a publicist comes off embarrassed about acts she's promoting, and maybe I was taken advantage of, but I have a definite soft spot in my heart for that kind of sad realization that you are pushing crap upon the public--product that not even you--a person paid to support it--can bring yourself to believe in. I recall the phrases "mary jane" (marijuana) and "body that won't quit" incorporated within the lyrics, which says way more about this band than I could.

But there's also this:

"Silvertide wows crowds with their powerfully bluesy Seventies' revival sound."
--"Artists to Watch," Rolling Stone, November 11, 2004


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