tom waits nominated for grandma

I'm just cutting and pasting off a press release here, but Tom Waits has copped his [I haven't verified how many] 6th Grammy nomination [I cut out some shit about him having a distinguished and prolific career here--just fyi], this time in the "Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance" category for the song "Metropolitan Glide," from this year's Real Gone, which, gosh, came out a month before Grammy nominations.

Sayeth the publicist: "(The single was released in time for this year's eligibility; the album was released after the cut off date and will be admissible next year.)" Much less dodgy than I thought.

Waits has previously won Grammy Awards for "Best Contemporary Folk Album" for Mule Variations in 2000, and "Best Alternative Album" for Bone Machine in 1993. He has better albums, blah blah blah, but it's nice to see such a vital, progressive, continually-evolving artist getting recognized. Seriously. Just distinguishing the art from the commerce, here.

If you think I'm laying it on thick, check out the other nominees.


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