sunday night rock

I brag/complain about how much publicity shit I get, but the weekends can be dead slow. Kill Rock Stars is usually the last to send anything all week, and an email often arrives about 8:00 on Friday night. I just got one on Sunday night, which I guess just means that some other poor jerk is working.

I don't even know who's doing the press over there now, as I seem to get random KRS stuff from different publicists. Tobi Vail used to handle it, and it was pretty amazing corresponding with the bass player for Bikini Kill. Not to get all cross-eyed and engaged with male gaze or anything.

So, anyhow, new Decemberists record in March, kids. Mark yr calendars (which I'm sure you already have).

New Stereo Total in stores Jan 25.

Re-release of the first Mae Shi EP, I'm assuming on 5RC.

That's just the stuff I'm into, but plenty more is always going on up there, so check it out yourself.


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