still talking about Slint reforming

Qualifications aside, remember when it was a bad idea to reform a band after more than a decade off? Mission of Burma, Television, Buzzcocks, Wire (on occasion), et al--I hear it can work. But honestly, I don't think The Who reforming is any worse than Slint reforming. It's just that, at the end of its first lifespan (a telling indication of what's to come for a reunion) The Who was a lot worse than was Slint when the latter broke up. Agreed, completely. Maybe that means Slint shouldn't have broken up.

I guess it kind of makes sense these days, as post-punk is really turning into an old man's/woman's game, but I think it's still kind of detrimental to the spirit. I mean, it's not like Slint is going to blow The Mae Shi (a band so young it probably isn't even aware that it's greatly influenced by Slint) off the stage on a bill. Anyway, here's the publicist's info circa now:
The impossibly influential and somewhat mysterious Louisville, KY rock band, Slint, has reformed for a brief series of very special appearances in 2005. The October confirmation of their intent to headline and curate the All Tomorrow's Parties [sorry fans, but please see this for the publicity stunt that it is: exposure generates interest] festival event in Camber Sands, UK in February caused the quickest sell-out in ATP history. All 3,000 tickets for the weekend-long event were snapped up in less than a month without a single additional festival performer being announced.

Slint will present approximately fifteen additional headline shows in the US, UK, and Europe. All will occur in the month of March beginning with March 1 at the Kentish Town Forum in London. That show, put on sale quietly two weeks ago, has already sold out. A second show at the same venue will go on sale this week.

Today, the following peformances [sic] are announced:

March 11, 2005 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
March 12, 2005 Seattle, WA The Showbox
March 25, 2005 Chicago, IL Metro
March 26, 2005 Chicago, IL Park West

The Seattle and both Chicago shows go on sale this Saturday, December 11. The San Francisco show goes on sale this Sunday, December 11.
Just for the record, I love and admire Slint and would put them on the Top 5 American Post-Punk list in terms of influence. Whatever.

And don't forget, "kids," that Gang of Four is getting back together (again?), which is open for discussion, as that band was obviously always way more than just a pop band. I guess an ideological angle makes it all right. I want to see the Gang of Four/Moving Units/Mahjongg bill. Dancepunktastic!


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