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[Like anyone's paying attention]

Sorry, no new Slint news. But ATP/UK2005 has released to the public a lineup, which includes Neil Hamburger. Which is rad. I'm going to stop bad-mouthing Slint for reuniting, for one day, because they chose Neil Hamburger to be on this bill. I've never even thought about how English people respond to this guy.

I recently saw Neil Hamburger perform between sets at a Pinback show. The crowd, mostly made up of Alternative Rock listeners, didn't take to him very well. It hadn't occurred to me until that point how much money Pinback is going to make for Touch and Go. Sort of off-topic. But sort of not.

Anyway, bunch of other bands on that ATP/UK2005/#1/Inc bill. It's admirably low-key while I'm not trashing Slint. Sort of begs the question as to who cares what bands are on the bill when it sold out before the lineup was released. I guess the medium is the message after all.


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