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I'm invariably surprised to recall that Sire Records is still around (that's www.warnerbrosrecords.biz/sire ). Of course, gone are those paradigmatic eras of the Ramones and Talking Heads, The Smiths and The Replacements. But the new breed is here, and these youngsters have been studying the paradigm tirelessly. I'm talking Hot Hot Heat and Futureheads, folks. Sire even has a band called The Fags.

Wha? Homo say 'What?'

Because I honestly liked that last Hot Hot Heat record, and I find Futurheads infectious and wonderfully fun on stage (if absurdly--albeit appropriately, at present--derivative in sound), I'll focus on The Fags. But only briefly. I assume there's some sort of clever-esque post-homophobia hand being played here and any criticism of the band's name will be casually met with something along the lines of, "That's so gay." I hunted around the band's website for some "dude, we're totally being ironic" info, but with no FAG FAQ readily available and the fan forum requiring user identification, I realized that it's not really so important and I'm probably just being "too PC" or something.

But just to say, Mandy Moore is also on Sire. And her fans are totally of a type, if you know what I mean.

Idiots. I'm talking about Mandy Moore fans being idiots.


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