new Prekop

Got the new Sam Prekop record. Kind of boring. Kind of really Sea and Cake. I interviewed Archer Prewitt last year and--I don't know why this had never occurred to me--he said he liked doing solo albums because the Sea and Cake was essentially Prekop's band. And, well, this one just sounds to me like everything else that band does. (Although, am I wrong in remembering a distinct latin-jazz tone on Prekop's first solo record?) But honestly, although I kept buying their records (I get them all for free now, thanks to that fucking awesome label Thrill Jockey, which you should totally financially support, even though I don't), I haven't really been into anything since Nassau. Except for that first song on One Bedroom, which I think is amazing--the band's smooth, cool sound, a bit more uptempo than usual, sophisticatedly integrating electronics--just great. Of course they end the album with that crap version of "Sound + Vision" (why even bother covering Bowie in his most skillful period, especially with something so straight-ahead?).

Don't get me wrong. The guy writes comforting, accessible, unchallenging songs. I kind of wish he was more popular, for his sake. He's just in a well worn groove and I don't think he's going anywhere.

Anyway, it's called Who's Your Professor (THRILL146), out sometime this spring.


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