new ben lee record due feb. 22

Think I've listened to this yet?

Fuck N--well, OK, I actually listened to about half of it. I have this Ben Lee 10" issued by Dim Mak, and it's a split with Pony Up (who, if I recall is pretty bad), and I haven't listened to it yet and it's just been sitting on the bookshelf for a couple months. So, whatever, I have no idea who Ben Lee is and how bad can you be if you do a split-10" on Dim Mak?

I don't know about that record, but this new LP sucks. Out Feb 22 on New West Records from LA (who, incidentally, marks its catalogue numbers "NWA," eg, this album is NWA3008). Does this look like it should be anywhere near the acronym NWA, especially in Los Angeles?


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