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"On your desk this week: Ian McGlynn's Tomorrow's Taken.

..an emerging singer/songwriter staking some claim in the future; but with an eye and ear alertly focused on music's rich past. With the help of producer Shane Tutmarc (of Seattle's Dolour), he's fashioned his songwriting into utterly unique and forward-looking works of art... nostalgic AM radio pop, or a synth-happy Beatles.

Recommended If You Like: Paul McCartney, Keane, Tom Waits, Badly Drawn Boy

Because Tom Waits conveniently fits right next to Wings in my record collection, this blog writes itself. You know, music does have a rich past, and I'm thinking Beethoven might have been a more significant reference to drop than Badly Drawn boy. But that's just me.

Just for good measure: "Utterly unique and forward-looking works of art...nostalgic AM radio."

If interested in what any of this could possibly mean to an intelligent individual, please contact the publicist Dave at Nice Promotion (dave@nicepromo.com) and tell him he's being watched and mocked.


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