freaks come out at night

I forgot about that Coachwhips album, which is out in Feb. It's all right. Super furious and loud, but kind of hyper-garage by numbers. It's sort of like listening to an amphetamine-fueled Headcoats without the (battered) soulful delivery. Every vocal is sent through the four-decade-old-and-burnt-PA filter, the R&B is scorching and sloppy, the drums stomp. The songs aren't that memorable, but I imagine this band is pretty exciting live. They're from SF, and the thought of seeing them at the Purple Onion is kind of tantalizing.

[deleted] is having its 10-Year Anniversary party tonight at the Delancey. JD Samson from Le Tigre is playing. Then Rye Coalition, Brazilian Girls and two dudes from the Rapture. Headlined by BP Fallon, who I'm not even going to pretend I know anything about, but, from the looks of it, kind of reminds me why music in NY is a bloated plastic corpse (untitled) worth more capital than you have to spend on art. Invitation-only tonight. And I'd give mine, but it's non-transferable. Sorry.


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