fannypack in the house (and they won't leave)

Please don't ask why I'm on the Colette mailing list, because I'm just here to inform you that Colette vous souhaite de bonnes fetes et vous annonce l'arrivee toute fraiche do nouveaux produits exclusifs.

Don't worry, there's nothing important there beside "produits exclusifs." I'm trying to keep this music related, so here's the wheat (sans le chaff), only at Colette, the coolest fashion boutique in the world:

1. A compilation by somebody called Kitsune, with exclusive tracks by a bunch of people I've never heard of with rad names like Hot Chip Simian Mobile Disco and Chikinki. And, of course, Fannypack. If you think promocopy's design is fresh, check out Kitsune's awesome website here.

2. An iPod case (les housse pour iPod!) by some company called Yoshida that apparently makes totally awesome bags. Several designs to choose from, all from today's hottest international designers. [I bet if I worked in fashion that wouldn't be so funny]

Don't ever say you didn't hear it here first. If none of this means anything to you--Jesus, you just don't get it.


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