Fannypack and shit

I'm trying to make these short. Blog posts are supposed to be short because we have short attention spans these days, right?

So, speaking of short attention spans, the three wee lasses with grown up attitude and classic hip-hop schlock-sense--they who rocked Brooklyn and lower Manhattan (in the minds of Vice readers, at least) last year--called Fannypack have a new album of obnoxious material slated for March 22 (mark your calendars. or don't).

So rad how the press pack features the following stats front and center:

50 Best Albums of 2003 - Rolling Stone
Top 5 Hip-Hop Singles of 2003 - Rolling Stone
20 Best Singles of 2003 - Blender
50 Greatest CDs of 2003 - Blender

So, like, what happens if you think Rolling Stone and Blender have absolutely no credibility and [deleted] (Fannypack's PR) are in their pocket's anyway? ho hum. Publicity business as usual.

But the record: It's actually pretty fun. It's kind of like a young, ironic, Salt N Pepa. Third wave feminism/women-getting-theirs-and-not-really-concerned-with-politics stuff. Hooks are good, attitude is saucy, lots of dozens tossed around. (Sample lyric: (boyfriend's crib)/That's where I woke up this morning/'Cuase he said that you boring/I don't like him anyway, he was snoring/You can have his ass back while I'm out touring) They talk like they can fight, but I don't really believe it. Watch out for two hot tracks, "Seven One Eight" and "Feet and Hands."

See You Next Tuesday out March 22 on Tommy Boy.


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