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I complain about that guy Peter Bottomley from Skyscaper Media, but here's what, as he notes in a press release, Rolling Stone has said about this band called The Holy Ghost that's in his stable: "If The Holy Ghost keeps this pace up, they may just become New York City's best band. Maybe they already are." (If you think I'm saying he's on the right track because Rolling Stone makes claims as ridiculous as he does, you're on the wrong track.)

The Holy Ghost apparently has three LPs. Potential best band in New York. Do you have any idea who this band is?

I occasionally complain about how trendy New York indie rock is, but I'm curious to see Holy Ghost in the ring with Les Savy Fav, Liars, TV On the Radio--even The Rapture or The Strokes. And that's just rock bands. MF Doom? RZA? Antibalas? DFA?

Or how about this: in a city as large and as diverse as New York, is there much sense in talking about the single best band?

Anyway, I haven't heard this record yet. If I hear it and it's half as good as !!!, I'll take a picture of myself eating crow and post it right here alongside an apology letter to Peter Bottomley.

I'm here to describe to you how stupid unveiled promotional copy can be, but you are going to have to put down the pseudo-editorial promotional devices like Rolling Stone for yourself. Because this shit is out of touch with the truth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Save your Crow for another worthy cause. The Holy Ghost mows Afghan Whigs' Lawn...and pays them. The music is decent in the "We will play your prom and wedding" sense, but never have I seen (or heard) a singer with such a crappy voice convincing himself he has talent. He might fair better on the new INXS show?? Maybe it's just me...? They are to the Doors what Oasis is to the Beatles. Just because you like a band, does not mean you are that band. Why the grudge I seem to have? I just don't care for psuedo-intelluctualism (purposely spelled wrongm by the way), Macho "Cock Rock" front men in mediocre (at best)bands, and especially rollingstone DOT COM (!) (C'mon...it's not REALLY Rolling Stone...is it!)telling me what the "next big thing" is.

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