best band in [london]

Pitchfork gave the last Bloc Party CD, "Helicopter" a fine and positive review today. Just because Bloc Party is fucking rad, I imagine. I once heard Steve Aoki say to a room full of people that Bloc Party was the best band in the world, which uh... But they are rad anyway. See the video for "Helicopter" here, where it has been up for a while. Just reminding you.

And if you make it to that Wichita video page, you might as well check out that Cribs video, too. Sort of the English Strokes to my ears, but pretty catchy, and I think "You Were Always the One" is one of the better tracks on the band's debut.

Incidentally, Ikey Owens once told me that Bloc Party sucks, even if the band has a black singer. So there you are.

Bloc Party just finished touring with Interpol, so we'll see what happens.

And while on Wichita, Bloc Party's UK label, watch out for Wichita US this next year.


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