merely another reason the business of hip-hop sucks

I don't know how common this is, because I don't get a lot of big-label hip-hop review copies, but I've received two advances recently that are each frustratingly, annoyingly marred by a soundbite that comes in every 30 seconds stating that the disc in question "is for promotional use only," right over the top of each and every track on the album. I understand the concern for discouraging piracy, which (I'm totally guessing, based upon having only heard this practice on hip-hop discs) is more common with hip-hop than with other genres of pop music, but it didn't leave me any more interested in taking the music seriously as the subject of review. Lame. I gave the De la Soul album a decent review in a reasonably visible press spot, so I'm tempted to write Sanctuary, the group's current label, and ask them for an album I can listen to. Sound reasonable?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely reasonable. We actually were thinking about using this method on an upcoming advance, but then decided that y'all would say "what the fuck? this artist thinks they're big enough to do this?! what a fucking tool." So, when you get it, it's all good yo.

10:10 PM  
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