I hear Petra Haden is going to cover The Who Sell Out in its entirety. Your guess as to the impetus for this is as good as mine.

A press release for the project states that the idea originated with Mike Watt, a friend of Haden's. Watt apparently gave her an eight track tape with seven empty tracks (one filled with the original Who album), encouraging her to fill up the remaining seven with a variety of vocal tracks that would ultimately lead to a completely a cappella rendition of the album (including the album's skits in the form of radio commercials). I've been under the impression for some time that Watt is seriously pushing senility, and news of this project doesn't exactly squelch the notion.

"The final result is not only a technical tour de force that also invite a fuller appreciation of The Who's own achievement bringing all the elements of chorale music, vaudevillian schmaltz and Renaissance chamber ensemble playing powerfully to the fore." [snicker -ed.] Thank you Howlin' Weulf Media. Aside from the stupid sentiment, is there something wrong with the grammar in that sentence?

Petra Haden is a reasonably accomplished violin player (at least within a pop context), so I'm confused as to the a cappella angle. And I liked That Dog, so I'm not just prone to thinking she's an idiot (or pretentious or whatever). I also see her current project, The Haden Triplets, in the paper occasionally, but I don't know what it's about.

Bar None Records, February 22.


Blogger la-underground said...

She's also an accomplished vocalist who often performs entire sets of music a capella. Moreover, her 1996 debut record, "Imaginaryland," was nearly all just her vocals.

12:34 PM  
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